The Veg


In a pot, a medley of produce,
A symphony of flavors, that seduce,
Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and zucchini,
A celebration of veggies, nothing askew.

With each ingredient, a dance on the tongue,
A chorus of flavors, in perfect sprung,
The colors and textures, a work of art,
A dish so simple, yet not to depart.

Miso-Roasted Eggplants with Shiso and Black Vinegar

Glistening under the heat of the oven,
Eggplants, with miso, are a dreamy creation,
A fusion of umami, a tantalizing sensation,
A dish that's sure to spark emotion.

The flavors so rich, yet so refined,
A balance of sweet, sour, and savory combined,
The eggplants, soft and tender to bite,
A dish that's truly out of sight.

The Meat & Cheese

Seasonal Cheese Board

A work of art, a cheese board so grand,
A feast for the eyes, a culinary wonderland,
A symphony of textures, colors, and taste,
A celebration of cheese, with no time to waste.

Soft and creamy, or sharp and bold,
Cheeses of every kind, waiting to be told,
From cheddar to brie, and gouda to blue,
A cheese board, a treat for me and you.

With every slice, a new flavor to explore,
A journey of the senses, a culinary encore,
Crackers, fruits, and nuts, a perfect pair,
A cheese board, a delight beyond compare.

Wagu Brisket

Today we give tribute to the one
Who chose the ultimate sacrifice undone
A noble Wagyu, so pure and true
Whose life's essence now enriches a few.

Your memory shall be cherished by all
As we savor each morsel's thrall
Your life's legacy a resounding voice
That elevates our senses, and thus, rejoice.

Your sacrifice shall forever remain
A symbol of selflessness, not in vain
A gift so pure, with the ultimate cost
Forever a testament, never to be lost.


In honor we gather, with hearts aglow,
To toast to a dish, which we all know,
The cheese fondue, so rich and divine,
A delectable treat, that we all pine.

An indulgence that brings us together,
A shared experience that we'll forever treasure,
With each dip, we create memories anew,
A tradition so timeless, with each fondue.

The Treats


Breaking the mould of luxury British chocolates, Artisan du Chocolat has been hand-crafting sweet treats in the Kent countryside since 1999. Built on the philosophy of fusing commitment with innovation, the chocolatier dreams up new flavours and ideas stemming from a passion for pleasure. Indulge in our curated collection below and allow every bite to transport you to a new world.

Habana Instore from Patisserie Valerie

Indulgent Chocolate Sponge filled with alternating layers of Fresh Cream & Sabayon Cream. Decorated with a Dark Chocolate Collar, Chocolate Cups & Berries.